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d12 Druidic oddities

This started as a thought of wanting to spice up magic-users in some way. I have always been quite fond of the archetype of druids so this table was born. It's meant to be system agnostic flavor to slap on top of your MU/Wizard/druid to add a little bit of character. Let a druid sprout from your scoundrel!


1. Your skin is sprouting with mushrooms. They are not edible, and if somehow removed, they grow back overnight.

2. Your hair changes with the seasons. In spring your hair is light tint of green, in summer dark green, in the autumn it is full of bright yellows and reds and in the winter it is white as snow.

3. If staying in one outdoors place for too long, your body starts to take root into the ground. After sleeping outside, you'll have to shed the small roots off.

4. Out of your head, two horns made out of intertwined twigs poke out. They are sensitive to heat and you will get headaches if there is a fire bigger than the normal campfire nearby.

5. The firmament is drawn into your skin. In dark red lines similar to tattoos, but in complete darkness they are illuminated dimly.

6. Clothes you wear are taken over by vegetation. After a while there is no cloth left, just the general shape of it made of leaves and vines.

7. Skin of bark. Some spots are still normal skin.

8. Poisonous flower-like herbs grow amongst your hair. For you the flowers taste sweet but for others they are unpleasant but not deadly.

9. Your eyes are completely white. You can see in the dark but your vision is blurred slightly by light. 

10. Snake tongue. Your nose is incapable of smelling and you have to use your tongue to smell. You sense the direction of the smell.

11. Feathers stick out from under your arms and in your back. 

12. Being a home for spiders. You are covered in occasional cobwebs which can be woven into thread.


  1. Congrats on the new blog and good luck! Sweet art too, did you draw that?

    1. Thank you! Let's see how it goes!
      And yes, I drew it.

    2. Great stuff. Looking forward to seeing more. Added you to my blogroll.


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